Baby Elephant Getting Her First Bath By Mom Will Put A Smile On Your Face. SO CUTE!

We all know elephants use their long trunks to spray themselves and ‘take a bath.’ Elephants don’t have sweat glands so they may bathe in mud to stay cool. According to, bathing in mud also protects them from bug bites and sunburn! This footage captures Navann the baby elephant and bath time.

Navann and the other elephants live in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang, Mai, Thailand. Elephant Nature Park is a rehabilitation and rescue center for elephants! You can tell that the people who work there are kind and compassionate people who love the elephants. Navann is running around in the video with mom nearby. The pool offers a fun change for Navann keeps running in and out!

It seems Navann is really more interesting in running around and having a good time! Mom seems to enjoy the pool too! Baby elephants are so adorable! Share away, people

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